Te ara moana
indigenous youth conference 2018

Te Ara Moana is the ancient tidal pathway that connects us throughout Te Moana Nui A Kiwa, joining our Islands, whakapapa, stories, and collective narrative. Known by Tohunga, it was used as the primary source of navigation between various motu within the expansive South Pacific Ocean.

This powerful metaphor provides the kaupapa for ’Te Ara Moana’ the inaugural Indigenous Youth
Leadership Summit. Our key question for the Hui is: How can our cultural ways of knowing and assisting us in wayfinding and navigating successfully into the 21st century?

Our compass uses cultural paradigms and frameworks to reignite our wayfinding ability in the tradition of our ancestors such that their legacy as the world’s greatest voyagers may continue within us.

Our unique point of difference is that all of our activations will incorporate cultural tikanga, paradigms, and history as the starting point on our journey to reconnect, reawaken and restore.

The intention of Te Ara
Moana is to gather in a spirit of unity and collaboration to understand and apply indigenous ways of knowing and being that have been handed down to us by our ancestors for centuries. 

CONTACT: veeshayne@madave.co.nz for details